FO M2 3015 - 4 kW

Working hours machine16700 h
Working hours laser on16700 h
Working hours beam on h
Laser power4000 (max. 5000) Watt
Working range laser3070 x 1550 x 200 mm
Max. steel25 mm
Max. stainless steel15 mm
Max. aluminium10 mm
Lengthca. 13000 mm
Widthca. 3000 mm
Heightca. 2220 mm
Machine weight12000 kg
Electrical connected load72 kVA
Serial number -
Construction year 2013

Standard features

Automatic pallet changer with cutting edge support

High pressure cutting device (CleanCut)

Aluminum cutter

Automatic gas pressure control

Non-contact capacitive HS laser cutting head

extraction cooling unit

Diode laser for positioning

Projection path flushing

Assistant Gas Filter

Active cutting monitoring

Additional equipment



Lasermachine FO-II NT with additional tube cutting device

Depending on the chosen version, the lasermachines FO-II NT comes with standard laser output of either 2.500 W , 4.000 W or 6.000 W, coupled with flying laser optics, which exploit the advantages of the inert mass. The material remains stationary while the lasercutting head moves in the X and Y directions. This makes the lasermachine the ideal choice for thin and thick sheet metal applications.

Its telescopic sliding doors provide access along the entire length of the machine. Any setup operations that may be necessary can be performed swiftly and easily in part due to the lens and nozzle quick-change system. At the lasermachine’s supply pallet, the sheet-metal can be easily positioned, or clamped, against the gauges using the optional support rollers.

The system is controlled by a multimedia network controller. This regulates the beam source, drive and automated peripherals. The controller possesses an integrated cutting data library that fully automatically regulates all major cutting parameters. It is possible to program corrections and new jobs while the system is in operation, resulting in almost no stoppage times.


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