Capacity increase using a pre-owned
punching machine on short notice

The project: Sale, overhaul and installation of a pre-owned punching machine at a stainless steel processing company – a market leader in its sector with approx. 400 employees and a turnover of approx. €60 million.
A leading company in the stainless steel processing sector was looking for a pre-owned stamping machine to increase its capacities on short notice.  Due to the long delivery times of new machines, the idea of using a pre-owned machine was brought up. The company turned to PTF, which had a suitable punching machine available. In addition, PTF also took care of overhauling, delivering and installing the pre-owned punching machine on site in Switzerland.


Upgrading a pre-owned punching machine


The challenge for PTF was to quickly overhaul a punching machine built in 2008 – both optically and mechanically.A total of 8 weeks were budgeted for the complete overhaul, dismantling and installation.


The punching machine was completely cleaned at the PTF workshops. Different machine components were re-coated and various wear parts were replaced. In order to meet the customer's high demands on precision, all of the mechanical components of the punching machine that directly influence the quality of the end products were replaced. For example, in addition to the table sheets, all guide rails, the slide clamping, all four clamping jaws and various bearings were replaced.


The overhauled punching machine was accepted by the customer at the PTF facilities, then it was disassembled and quickly transported to the customer premises. After 6 weeks, the reassembly in the customer's production facility in Switzerland began. Following reassembly and installation, the punching machine was again accepted on site. The overhauled punching machine was ready for use right away and is currently helping the customer meet higher output needs. 


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