Lissmac SBM-M 1000

max. working width1000 mm
workable material thickness0,5-20 mm
Tensión400V / 50 Hz
Total power15 A
Total current consumption7,7 c. V.
Insulation classIP42
Infinitely variable feed speed0-4 m / min
Longitud2600 mm
Ancho1400 mm
Altura1800 mm
Peso de la prensa sin útiles ni accesorios1800 kg
número de máquina
año de construccion2019

equipamiento estándar

equipamiento opcional


LISSMAC systems for metal processing set standards in innovative sheet metal processing through highly effective, bilateral removal of slag from plasma and oxy-fuel cut workpieces in just one work process. Compared to conventional machines, the SBM-M D2 convince with more efficient processing times and a working time saving of up to 60 percent. By mechanically chipping off the slag, tool costs are significantly reduced compared to expensive machining with abrasives.

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