Trumpf TC 600 - 1300 FMC

Working hours machine72231 h
Working hours laser on49164 h
Working hours beam on9201 h
Potencia láser140 - 2200 Vatio
Fuerza punzonado220 kN
Máx. espesor de chapa8 mm
controlSiemens 840 D
Campo de trabajo láser3085 x 1280 mm
Campo de trabajo punzonado3085 x 1370 mm
Electrical connected load66 kVA
max. acero 8 mm
max. acero fino6 mm
max. aluminio4 mm
x-axis90 m / min
y-axis60 m / min
simultanes (x and y)108 m / min
c-axis punching60 rpm
c-axis tapping330 rpm
stroke rate900 g.p.m.
Longitud7000 mm
Ancho8000 mm
Altura2400 mm
Peso16500 kg
número de máquina
año de construccion1998

equipamiento estándar

- Coordinate guide with integrated Linear magazine

- Automatic tool change with 21 tool stations

- 3 clamps

- Maintenance-free three-phase AC servo motors

- 2 x part chute


- HI-LAS high pressure cutting

- Automatic shut-down device

Cutting head:

- Programmable presser foot

- Spray tool lubrication

- Vacuum slug removal


- Controller based on PC

- Easy handling

- Online-help

- Diagnostic function

- Maintenance logbook

- Technology data

- Teleservice

Data transmission:

- RJ45 network connection


- Compact dust extractor

- Laser control system

- Quick switch-off hydraulic

equipamiento opcional






SheetMaster 1306

TrumaSort L

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