Amada LC 3015 X1 NT - 4 kW

Working hours machine73746 h
Working hours laser on63166 h
Working hours beam on44393 h
Potencia láser4000 Vatio
Campo de trabajo láser3100 x 1550 x 120 mm
max. acero 20 mm
max. acero fino15 mm
max. aluminio12 mm
Longitud10068 mm
Ancho3263 mm
Altura2100 mm
Peso11700 kg
Electrical connected load71 kVA
número de máquina
año de construccion2006




Laser machine dedicated to quality: The LC-3015 XI NT laser machine combines the following performance qualities: rapidity, precision, cutting quality, reliability. It satisfies polyvalence and flexibility requirements, is highly effective for a wide range of processing thickness (0 to 20 mm) and metals (steel, aluminium, stainless steel). The laser machine productivity can be heightened thanks to ASLUL auto storage systems (six levels) and ASLUL TWIN (fourteen levels).

The laser machine resonator 40 CF: The laser machine LC-3015 XI NT is equipped with a 4000 W C02 cross-flow source laser. This technology enables rapid piercing with a minimum amount of machine heating. It is equipped with an ultra rapid control sensor which guarantees, in real time, a consistent level of power of plus or minus 1 % and protects the source during reflective metal cutting operations. This design is highly economic in terms of electricity and laser gas (3l/h).

Numercial control: This generation of controller is based on PC technology. Equipped with a touch screen, it enables rapid access to the"laser machine cutting conditions" database on the basis of what work has to be done. Its courseware mode offers assistance to the user by displaying the different cutting problems.

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