Amada LC 3015 F1 NT - 4kW

Heures de fonctionnement machine56000 h
Heures de fonctionnement laser h
Heures de fonctionnement rayon h
Puissance laser4000 Watt
mode laser3070 x 1550 x 100 mm
max. acier 20 mm
max. acero12 mm
max. aluminium10 mm
Longueur9845 mm
Largeur4245 mm
Hauteur2015 mm
Poids11000 kg
Valeur totale de la connexion96 kVA
Poids admissible sur la table920 kg
positioning speed X/Y/Z120 m / min
positioning accuracy +/- 0.01 mm
numéro de machine28510109

l'équipement standard

HS Capacitance Head

In order to ensure reliable processing, the LC F1 NT is equipped with AMADA's latest HS capacitance sensing head. This smoothly and quickly follows the sheet pro le to maintain a consistent cut even when the sheet is not 100% flat.

Cooling Cut

Effective cooling directly in the cutting area. The metered water spray with anti-corrosive additive, which is introduced via ring nozzles, achieves a higher part output with better quality.

Oil Shot

Before piercing medium thickness sheets, oil is sprayed on the material to prevent spatter build-up, improve processing quality and achieve stable processing.

NC Fokus

Automatically adjusts the focus point to any material and thickness using the cutting data library.    


Automatically regulates the gas pressure for each task using the cutting data library.


l'équipement supplémentaire

Automatic nozzle changer

For non-stop production even with varying materials and sheet thicknesses. Based on the cutting data library, the nozzles are replaced automatically and without manual intervention.



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