Trumpf TruLaser Tube 5000

ilosc roboczogodzin maszyny52323 h
ilosc roboczogodzin lasera50589 h
ilosc roboczogodzin belki13277 h
Moc lasera3200 kW
Zakres pracy lasera6500 x 1500 mm
Max stal8 mm
Max stal nierdzewna5 mm
Max. Aluminium4 mm
Dlugosc18000 mm
Szerokosc9000 mm
Wysokosc2800 mm
17700 kg
max grubosc sciany6,4 mm
max dlugosc tuby6500 mm
max dlugosc rury (automatyczna)3000 mm
max srednica rury150 mm
max srednica rury15 mm
max dlugosc gotowych czesci6500 mm
max waga tuby20 kg/m
max waga wiazki rur4000 kg
max predkosc100/5/40/40 mm / min
Najmniejszy programowalny przyrost+/- 0,1 mm
Numer seryjny
Rok budowy2008

Funkcje standardowe

  • - Solid machine frame with integrated laser unit
  • - CO2 laser TLF 3200, radio-frequency excitation, chiller
  • - Motors: maintenance-free 3-phase servo motors
  • - NitroLine High pressure cutting
  • - High-speed processing with SprintLine
  • - Programmable cutting gas pressure 
  • - Laser cutting head with 5″ lens, DIAS III
  • - Cutting head – quick change device
  • - Laser power control
  • - Laser logbook function
  • - Automatic shutdown
  • - Work area lighting
  • - Sinumerik 840D control: Open PC-based control system, easy to use,
  • - Online help, diagnostic functions, maintenance logbook, technology data, Teleservice, 3.5″ floppy drive, RJ45/BNC network connection
  • - Safety: Multi-beam light barriers, completely encapsulated and purged beam delivery, monitoring system, multi-chamber exhaust system and compact dust extractor, safety cabin
  • - Part removal station PRS 3001 with brush table
  • - Clamp set D 20-85 mm and D 85-150 mm
  • - V-shaped form cups and guide rollers for round tubes
  • - U-shaped form cups and guide rollers with outer circle diameter 120 mm


- LoadMaster Tube with bundle magazine LD 6000


This reliable all-around machine replaces conventional, sepa- rate manufacturing operations such as sawing, drilling, milling and punching, and enables the ideal entry into the laser tube processing industry. It owes its high productivity to the perfectly coordinated operation of its components, from the laser unit and its beam guidance system to the clamping units and system control software as well as the tube and profile handling modules. 

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