Bystronic Bysprint Fiber 4020 - 3kW

Часы наработки лазера12191 h
Working hours beam on4624 h
Laser power3000 Ватт
Рабочая зона лазера4064 x 2024 x 70 мм
Max. steel20 мм
Max. stainless steel12 мм
Max. aluminium12 мм
Max. copper6 мм
Max. brass6 мм
Length13700 мм
Width6670 мм
Height2565 мм
Machine weight15000 кг
Electrical connected load22,7 kVA
Серийный номер
Год выпуска2013

Стандартное оборудование

- Shuttle table system with two shuttle tables

- Cooling system

- standard dedusting system, incl. dust bag and sound insulation kit

- Air-conditioned cabinet combination with CNC ByVision control, STL PLC control, network connectivity router and uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

- closed enclosure (roof)

- Operating terminal with sensitive 15 "TFT-LCD flat screen

- CE compliant operator protection in the cutting area

- Programmable automatic switch-off, which puts the system into standby mode after a defined time

- Handheld device for easy positioning of all axes and to operate the resonator

- Automatic technology selection ATS

- Operator protection in the cutting area

- A cutting head for all applications with integrated collision monitoring of the cutting head and the cutting nozzle

- automatic and freely programmable nozzle cleaning

- automatic non-contact sheet metal plate position detection

- Interface to handling and automation from Bystronic

- Tools and accessories

- Safety devices for CE compliant operation


  • - Available in models 3015, 4020, 6520, 8020 and 12020. This means that sheet metal up to 12 × 2 meters in format can be processed quickly and economically
  • - Unparalleled high parts production and first-class cutting quality for thin to medium thick sheet metal, depending on laser power
  • - Additional functions (Power Cut Fiber, Cut Control Fiber, Nozzle Changer, Detection Eye) and automation options increase the application scope to a maximum
  • - Low operating costs since minimal energy is used and no laser gas is required
  • - High flexibility. Even non-ferrous metals can be processed with excellent quality

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